Where is my order? Let customers track their order.

Where is my order?

Customers can now also track their order!

Want to keep your customers better informed about the status of their order and at the same time know the location of your deliverers? Nowadays it’s all possible. CashDesk has developed an app especially for your deliverers and customers! The process works as follows:

  1. You link the relevant order to one of your couriers.
  2. Your courier receives the details of the order in their delivery app and then has the following options
  • Navigation to your customer’s address
  • Possibility for direct telephone contact with the customer where necessary, e.g. delays
  • Possibility to “complete” the order as soon as it has been delivered. You no longer need to complete your order in CashDesk.

A message is sent directly to the customer.

GPS tracking allows your customer to follow (track and trace) the delivery and at the same time gives you the opportunity to promote your own website, thereby saving you money.

Contact us via telephone if you are interested in the above functionalities and would like to know more.

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