Restaurant Software

Restaurant Software

Our restaurant software is easy to use

Our products are characterized by ease of use. You can easily make the plan for your restaurant with table designations. Multiple floors? A terrace? No problem. With clear visual communication, you can see at a glance whether a table is still occupied. Forgetting to provide a customer with the check is a thing of the past!


You have everything under control!

Our advantages

Easy to use

Your personnel can get started within 15 minutes. Handy for hospitality business with frequent personnel changes.

Everything under control

At a glance, you have a complete overview of the availability in your restaurant.

Links with delivery

Do you want to start doing deliveries? Then CashDesk offers you the complete solution.

Layout of your restaurant

Make your own restaurant layout complete with tables, chairs and walls. Multiple floors are made immediately clear.

Cash register system hospitality

The hospitality industry is an industry where work has to be done quickly and a lot has to be kept. This can sometimes be a problem during the busiest hours. Customers who do not get the right dish or who are waiting for their order for a long time. This can cost your business revenue. With the CashDesk POS systems for the hospitality industry you help not only yourself but also your staff by working more efficiently!

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To take an order

  • Clear screens with choices
  • Order history per order
  • Changing tables
  • Separate collection and table prices


to pay

  • Pay separately
  • Share account
  • Invoice business customers


  • Extensive reports
  • Sell ​​per product and product group
  • Cloud portal therefore available everywhere
  • Reports based on own choice

Direct control

  • Time indication per occupied table
  • Color indication per free table
  • Color indication per occupied table
  • Color indication per reserved table

Cash register software for:

  • Restaurant
  • All you can eat
  • Bars
  • Cafeteria
  • Other catering establishments
  • Associations & Sport clubs

Multiple neighborhoods

  • Multiple neighborhoods or floors
  • Create neighborhoods and floors yourself
  • Clear graphic overview

Personnel management

  • In and out clocks of hours
  • Export of hours to administration
  • Rights per employee adjustable
  • Linking personnel planning program

Easy order system

Because fewer operations are required at the order counter, you can deploy these employees at a different location in the restaurant, or you can save on personnel costs.

Partner connections

Order platforms:

  • Uber Eats
  • Deliveroo
  • Takeaway
  • DeliveryHero

CashDesk Websites and Order modules

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CashDesk knows how important a properly working system is during your opening hours. From a recent customer survey, our customers rate our support with an 8!

We deliver your complete hardware. Do you already have hardware? We include this in the quotation.

View examples of our hardware here

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