A website is the calling card for your delivery restaurant!

A professional CashDesk website entirely in your own branding makes your restaurant complete. Your own eigen website is also a good alternative for meal-ordering websites such as Thuisbezorgd. Have you ever calculated how much you pay every month to these parties?
Get at least 20% of your orders to come to you directly through your own website!
Your own website will thus pay for itself quickly!

Our advantages


A website with your own logo and completely in your own branding with a professional look & feel

Clear and fast

An order website has to be quick and easy for the customer to use. No unnecessary information; rather, with the goal of letting the customer order quickly.

Completely responsive

Did you know that more than 60% of customers order via a mobile device? We only produce responsive websites that adapt to the device on which they are used. That makes them suitable for smartphones and tablets as well.

Be easy to find

A website that cannot be found does nothing for you. That is why CashDesk always invests a great deal of time in good findability!


  • Professional websites
  • Order module with various payment options such as Via, Mastercard etc
  • Low transactions cost
  • Savings on orders via order sites
  • Customer choice of delivery or pick-up
  • Good findability in Google
  • Menu that you can update yourself
  • You can update texts in the website yourself
  • Product photos can be included in the menu
  • Suitable for mobile applications

Demo Cashdesk