VOIP telephony

VOIP telephony

Saving on costs is a good intention for many entrepreneurs.

Get acquainted now with the best way of saving: VOIP Telephony – an interesting alternative for your current telephone service. High call quality, reliability and versatility are a priority, and of course you can save significantly on your telephone costs.
VOIP Telephony offers you a hosted telephony service, the equipment needed and a recommendation for your specific situation so that you can make optimal use of the capabilities of VOIP.

Never a busy line

With our VOIP telephony, your line is never busy! A queue or waiting music? It’s all possible.

Lower telephone costs

Would you like to be surprised by lower telephone costs? Then choose our VOIP telephony.

Automatic customer recognition

When a customer calls you, you immediately see the phone number in CashDesk. If the customer has ordered before, then the customer’s name and address will also be visible. Quick and easy!

Why VOIP telephony?


With VOIP Telephony, moving becomes child’s play: you pack up your equipment and reconnect it at your new workplace. You do not have to move any lines, do not have to reprogram an exchange, you can always be reached and you can easily reconnect your equipment at your new location. When your equipment is connected, it connects with the VOIP exchange and you are immediately available. The only condition is that you have an internet connection at your new location. We are happy to advise you and even arrange this for you if desired.


VOIP Telephony is based on a hosted exchange. This means that you do not have to invest in purchasing and maintaining your own telephone exchange. The VOIP exchange is set up redundantly so that the chance of a disruption is often much lower than it is with your own telephone exchange. If you do experience a disruption, for example because the internet connection temporarily does not function, you can have the calls forwarded in our exchange to another (mobile) number. You can thus always be reached, in every circumstance.
With a disruption of your own ISDN exchange, VOIP Telephony can be engaged quickly and efficiently, often within one day.


VOIP Telephony grows with you. The VOIP exchange can handle up to around one hundred thousand workplaces. The addition of a workplace can be realized easily by adding an extra device. Via the online web interface, you easily determine how and at what time intervals calls should be routed. Setting up a message to be played outside work hours or on a holiday is a breeze. Facilities like a queue system, intelligent follow-me, call pickup and a welcome menu are included as standard.
You can manage our central completely, but it is also possible for employees of VOIP Telephony to assist you with this or to take over the management.

Cost savings

A great bonus for many entrepreneurs is the ability to save on costs that VOIP Telephony offers. As a result, the equipment that is needed to make optimal use of our services often pay for themselves within a year! You save on both your subscription costs and on call costs. A monthly savings of some 40% on telephone costs is not out of the ordinary.
It is certainly worth the effort to closely examine your telephone costs. VOIP is happy to inform you of the possibilities and will gladly prepare a savings calculation for your business, with no obligation.