Tips to reduce delivery restaurants’ traffic damage

Tips to reduce delivery restaurants’ traffic damage


The increasing amount of delivery scooters and bikes also cause more unsafe traffic situations. Meal deliverers on scooters, for example, do six times as much damage as an ordinary driver. That drivers of delivery scooters cause and incur considerably more damage is obviously linked to the amount of kilometres travelled. Naturally, it is obvious that delivery scooters travel more kilometres and, as a result, incur more damage on average. Delivery restaurants can do a lot to reduce the amount of incidents of damage, what you can do can be read in the blog!


Risk areas for accidents with damage and injury.


To become aware of the risks

Meal delivers are generally between 16 and 20 years old. Young employees usually do not have enough driving experience to adequately take stock of risk factors. Dangerous situations can sometimes thus be incorrectly assessed or overlooked. It is especially important that meal deliverers themselves become aware of the risks and deal with them as safely and as consciously as possible. If you have experienced deliverers in employment, you can, for example, let a new deliverer ride along for a day. After which the risks have actually been pointed out to the new deliverer. In this way, there are numerous possibilities to make deliverers aware of the risks.


A number of ways of increasing awareness are:

  • A poster in the scooter loft for the deliverers with instructions and risks.
  • Discuss unsafe situations that often arise
  • Draw up a policy with clear guidelines and rules
  • A traffic course for your deliverers


Monitor driving behaviour

A courier drives safely by driving easy and abiding by traffic rules. But how do you know that this actually occurs? You can, for example, put a reward system in place. A system such as: a deliverer receives a reward for being safely out in traffic. If a deliverer does not obey the traffic rules or if you get complaints about the deliverer, the reward is cancelled. This motivates your deliverers to be out safely in traffic. This also ensures less damage to your vehicles. The policy must be focused on holding the driver responsible for undesired behaviour. On the website of Veilig verkeer Nederland (Safe Traffic Netherlands) you can find more information about the Declaration for Safe Traffic.


Prior monitoring

A daily scooter check can already prevent many dangers and damage. Think for example about worn tyres, a faulty indicator or a failed brake. If a deliverer heads into traffic with a similar defect, there is a significant chance that something will go wrong. This can be prevented, for example, by a scooter check list at the beginning of the working day. Ensure that your deliverers fill in and sign the check list. For the damage you can get your deliverers to make a film of the scooter beforehand, just with a smartphone or then save it somewhere in the cloud. In this way, all damage goes into an online file and the damage that a deliverer causes does not go unnoticed.


Policy plan

If you still do not have a policy plan for damage to your vehicles, it can be appealing to implement one. With this, you can, for example, show insurers that you are actively trying to reduce damage. Thus, the risk for the insurer is smaller. The policy plan describes procedures and processes such as the reporting and registration of damage. The policy plan can be easily and quickly drawn up.


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To keep your delivery service under control

You ultimately discover which means of transport, in practice, is best for your delivery service. Each situation is unique and can benefit differently from the characteristics of various means of transport.


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