QR-codes for traditional restaurants

QR-codes for traditional restaurants

QR-codes: A simple but effective self-ordering tool

The placement of little cardboards on each table with a QR-code on it can offer you several advantages, especially during the corona crisis. With these QR-codes, guests can place an order and complete the payment autonomously without any help from staff-members. This way, you can easily save money on the amount of staff that’s necessary on a daily basis whilst complying with the social distancing precautions. Moreover, guests order more food using self-ordering tools compared to when waiters take up the order, or when customers are asked to order at the counter. This way, using this self-ordering tool immediately results in higher average order amounts.


How does it work?

A little cardboard with a QR-code will be placed on every table in your restaurant. Each guest can scan this QR-code using his own smartphone. Then, the guest will automatically be forwarded to the menu so that he/she can place its order without any moments of contact with staff-members. The order can then be connected to the table from which the order has been placed to avoid any confusion. If your restaurant currently avoids serving food at the table due to corona precautions, it is also possible to make use of central pick-up-points from where the guests can pick up their ordered food. Next to placing the order autonomously, the guest can pay the bill by using the same QR-code.

Social distancing

When making use of the QR-codes in your restaurant, guests can order and pay without any contact-moments with staff-members. This can, especially during the corona crisis, be an effective solution to the social distancing precautions from governments these days.

Improved communication

Less staff-members on a daily basis leads to a decrease in the amount of miscommunications between guests, staff-members and the kitchen. This way, the use of QR-codes in your restaurant can contribute to the optimization of your operational processes.

Higher average order amounts

When guests order on their smartphone, without being in direct contact with a waiter or an staff-member at the counter, they seem to order more food. You can use this to your advantage by placing self-ordering kiosks, but also by using these QR-codes. Such a small adjustment in your restaurant can therefore directly lead to an increase of your revenue!

Cheap alternative compared to tablets

Self-ordering systems have been quite common for a while at All You Can Eat restaurants. However, these restaurants use tablets instead of QR-codes. For some restaurants, placing a tablet on every table can be a relatively expensive investment. CashDesk believes that it’s unnecessary to buy these tablets and offers an alternative solution based on the fact that the majority of the population currently owns a smartphone. Hence, CashDesk offers a cheap alternative to these tablets with this QR-code tool.

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Installation by CashDesk

When you decide to start using the QR-codes in your restaurant, CashDesk will make sure to support you by designing the cardboards, adjusted to your preferences. Also, we will guide you through the installation process and explain how the QR-code system exactly works. In case you have any questions or uncertainties afterwards, our support-team will be there to help you out!

QR-codes at your restaurant

Are you interested in introducing the QR-code tool in your restaurant, or do you just want to discuss the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to inform you about our services.