QR-codes for food delivery

QR-codes for food delivery

QR-codes as an extra function in the delivery app

In the ever growing market of food delivery, customers still regularly wish to pay at the door after they’ve received their order. Whether they want to complete the payment by iDEAL or cash, your delivery drivers should be prepared. CashDesk now offers an extra option within the delivery app that allows your customers to pay at the door using a QR-code. The QR-code allows the delivery drivers and customers to live up to social distancing precautions during the corona crisis. Also, the QR-codes can act as a replacement for relatively expensive mobile payment devices.


How does it work?

During the placement of an order, the customer can express its preference to pay by using a QR-code, after the QR-code function has been added to the app for your delivery drivers. Subsequently, the delivery driver gets a notification that the customer will pay at the door. Then, the delivery driver can open the QR-code on its smartphone and shows it to the customer in order for him to scan the code. When the code has been scanned, the customer will automatically be forwarded to the bank-app he or she uses. After the payment has been completed, the delivery driver will, again, be notified of the completed payment to avoid any confusion.

Replacement of expensive payment devices

By adding the QR-code function to the delivery app, you offer customers an alternative option for paying with iDEAL which makes the relatively expensive mobile payment devices unnecessary. Moreover, QR-codes are not tangible assets that need to be replaced when they break down, in contrast to the mobile payment devices. This way, QR-codes can directly save you money.

Social distancing

By completing the payment at the door using QR-codes, moments of contact will not take place. In contrast with cash-payments and payment devices, delivery drivers and customers can easily comply with the social distancing precautions set by governments with the use of QR-codes.


Lastly, opening and scanning the QR-code before completing the payment is a user-friendly process for both the customer and the delivery driver. A user-friendly payment process can contribute to the overall Customer Experience of your customers.

Installation by CashDesk

When you decide to add the QR-code function to your delivery app, CashDesk will make sure to support you in downloading and setting up the function. Furthermore, CashDesk can provide you with a detailed explanation of how this payment option works in practice. The QR-code system is part of our delivery app and will therefore not come with any extra costs when you already have been using the delivery app. Do you want to know more about the delivery app and its benefits, read this page. In case you have any questions or uncertainties after the installation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

QR-codes at your restaurant

Do you want to offer your customers the option to pay with QR-codes at the door? Or are you curious about what we can offer for your restaurant? Please contact us by mail or phone, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.