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UberEats / CashDesk link

In cooperation with Uber, we have developed a link with our cash register software. Meals can be ordered through UberEats at restaurants that do not have a delivery service themselves. Everyone probably knows the name Uber, but the Uber company also delivers meals under the name UberEats. Uber hires delivery staff who deliver meals on a bicycle in the busy cities of the Netherlands. UberEats also offers a platform through which consumers can order meals online. Uber therefore not only delivers orders but also couriers. Do you want to know more about the link? Then contact us or check our website to see what Cashdesk can do for you.


How does UberEats work?

How does it work? The couriers must know who has ordered, this is done through an app. UberEats couriers are notified via an app where meals must be picked up and delivered. The order is printed directly on your printers by CashDesk cash register software.


UberEats maaltijdbezorger

The menu is the showcase of your restaurant

Consumers can see a photo of each dish via the menu on the UberEats platform. In this way, you can show your product to the guest in any desired way. Below a few advantages are summarized:

  • Automatic import of orders
  • Automatic printing
  • Wherever the order comes from, you will always receive an identical receipt
  • Customer Recognition
  • Keep your cash register


The connection

Placing your restaurant on the order platform can therefore be a valuable application for your restaurant. However, order platforms retains a fee that means that every order also costs you money, CashDesk has a cost-saving solution for this. If you want to know more about our solution, look here!  Please contact us or check our website to see what Cashdesk can do for you.


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