Connection Pedidosya / CashDesk

In cooperation with the order supplier for delivery and pick-up restaurants , we have developed a link with our POS-software. The connection ensures that your orders are processed automatically and in your cash register. At PedidosYa, consumers can order food quick and easily online at delivery restaurants. The core business of the Ifood company consists of delivering orders for affiliated restaurants. Do you want to know more about the link? Then contact us or check our website to see what Cashdesk can do for you.

How does PedidosYa work?

How does it work? Your restaurant will be connected to the online ordering platform of PedidosYa After your restaurant is linked, your restaurant will appear on the ordering platform. Consumers can now place orders at your restaurant.

What exactly does the link do?

✔ Automatic import of orders
✔ Automatic printing
✔ Wherever the order comes from, you will always receive an identical receipt
✔ customer recognition
✔ Arranges the delivery routes
✔ Keep track of your cash register

The connection

Placing your restaurant on the order platform can therefore be a valuable application for your restaurant. However, order platforms retains a fee that means that every order also costs you money, CashDesk has a cost-saving solution for this. If you want to know more about our solution, look here!  Please contact us or check our website to see what Cashdesk can do for you.


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