[PART 3] Positive customer experiences: The phase after ordering food

Positive customer experiences as a driver for better results

[PART 1] Positive customer experiences: The phase before ordering food

[PART 2] Positive customer experiences: The ordering phase at restaurants

[PART 3] Positive customer experiences: The phase after ordering food


In the last part of the blog about customer experience we will go into the phase after the order has been placed and paid for. First, we explain how a live order tracking system can be of value in the aftercare of an order. Subsequently, we discuss delivery drivers, packaging and the quality of meals. Finally, we discuss the differences between delivery and traditional restaurants with regard to the customer experience.


Live order tracking system

After payment, the final stage in which the order still has to be delivered, accepted and consumed starts. First of all, it is important to keep the customer informed about the status of the order. A clear confirmation email with a link to a live tracking system can take care of this. At CashDesk we offer the live order tracking system where, as soon as a next step is reached, an update will automatically take place and the next step in the delivery process will turn green (see illustration). The system automatically sends a text message to the customer as soon as the delivery driver leaves. By giving the customer insight into the status of his order, you avoid unnecessary phone calls with questions. The given clarity to the customer can improve their experience. Answering all these questions on the phone takes up a lot of time and leads to higher personnel costs. Some time ago, we wrote a blog about the advantages of this live order tracking system which you can find here.

How do delivery drivers influence the customer experience?

Your restaurant’s deliverers also influence the customer experience through branding (wearing workwear), the level of customer friendliness and even with their driving behaviour. Because the delivery drivers represent the brand by wearing workwear, giving clear instructions and guidelines about their behavior is essential. For example, it is very important that the delivery driver takes off his helmet neatly at the door. When delivery drivers contribute to an optimal customer experience, they themselves are rewarded for this in the form of higher tips. Creating awareness among the delivery drivers that they also influence the customer experience can make a big difference.


Packaging and the quality of a meal

Once a delivery driver has delivered the order, the packaging and quality of the food determine the customer experience in this phase. Ease of use should once again be the first priority when designing the packaging. For instance, customers rate a portion of spareribs higher when lemon wipes are included. In addition, it is important to clearly incorporate the brand name in or on the packaging so that the customer is aware that he/she has ordered from your restaurant. This way, a positive experience actually contributes to the image of your restaurant. For example, you can use your logo in pizza boxes, napkins and bags. You can also opt for sustainable packaging in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and directly appeal to certain target groups.

It goes without saying that the quality of the food itself also influences the customer experience. What may be less obvious, but can be just as valuable, is the consistency of this delivered quality. It can be at the expense of the relationship of trust when the quality differs per order. Customers then no longer know what to expect from your restaurant. In the case of delivery restaurants, the Customer Journey ends when a rating is given. A review can be given via a review email sent afterwards by the delivery restaurant, but also via family and friends (word-of-mouth advertising). You can read how to deal with negative reviews in a positive way here.


Customer service

Should things go wrong during the ordering process, it is important that you limit negative customer experiences as much as possible. In such situations, customer service has a major impact on the final customer experience. Research shows that a flexible and proactive attitude towards the customer has a positive effect on the customer experience (Maklan & Klaus, 2011). Therefore, make sure you listen to what the customer wants and respond by offering solutions.

When a similar mistake is made more than once, or when the same type of complaint gets filed regularly, it is important to look at how this can be prevented in the future. In the long run, it is better to invest time and effort into solving a problem within the process than to look at these complaints separately every time.

It is important that your restaurant communicates it to the customer on time when an order has been delayed. The delivery software in CashDesk’s order system can offer a solution to this problem. In case of a delayed delivery, the system sends you a warning that gives you the option to immediately send a text message about this to the customer. If you are interested in this software, please contact us or find more information here.


Delivery restaurants versus traditional restaurants

This blog is written for both delivery restaurants and restaurants that receive guests. However, some solutions will be more applicable to meal delivery than to tradtional restaurants. The previously discussed live order tracking system is a good example of this. Also, it is debatable whether consuming the meal in a restaurant falls under the order phase or under the post order phase. There is something to be said for both points of view. However, what cannot be disputed is that even in traditional restaurants, consuming the meal has a major impact on the final customer experience.



In this blog about customer experience, we have covered several themes. First, the importance of the customer experience was explained before the different phases of the Customer Journey were introduced. In the sections that followed, tools and points of attention were provided for each phase. We advise you to go through the different phases yourself in an attempt to get all departments that influence the customer experience in the same direction. Do you want to go back to the introduction? Click here.


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