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10 Tips for finding delivery drivers for your restaurant

There has been a shortage of staff in the restaurant industry since the Corona crisis. Delivery drivers are also becoming harder to find. You too may be struggling to find drivers for your restaurant. Fortunately, there are several ways to find and keep delivery drivers. We put together some tips for you.   advertise on …

Eazie – healthy fast food concept

“Collaboration Delivery software from CashDesk with healthy fast food concept Eazie” CashDesk, the specialist in the field of catering POS systems and delivery software, has partnered with Eazie. Within one day, all 27 Eazie branches went live and switched to CashDesk software. This went smoothly and without interruptions. With Eazie, CashDesk gains a client who …

QR codes in your restaurants

QR codes in your restaurants

QR codes: ordering and payment at the table in your restaurant

Placing signs with QR codes on your tables offers many benefits. Guests can place an order completely independently and make payment without the need for any employees. Finally, the average order value is higher when customers place an order via their own smartphones than when the order is taken by a waiter. This means: fewer employees, higher turnover for your takeaway restaurant.

How does ordering with a QR code work?

The concept works as follows: there is a sign with a QR code on every table which your guest can scan with their own smartphone. The guest is then taken to your restaurant’s online menu where they can place their order contactless and completely independently and make payment, all without the involvement of waiters.

Link to table numbers

Each order can be linked to a table number. If it is not possible to serve customers because of social distancing rules, one or more pick-up-points can be used. Guests can collect their orders from the pick-up point themselves.

Higher order values on average

It has emerged that guests order more when not in contact with a waiter or employee at the desk. You can capitalise on this with ordering kiosks and with the use of QR code signs in your restaurant. This small investment therefore produces immediate results with a higher turnover.

A cheap alternative to tablets

Contactless ordering has been a fixture for many All You Can Eat concepts for quite some time already. Every table is provided with a tablet with which customers can order independently. But this can be a big investment if you have a smaller restaurant. CashDesk finds all these tablets unnecessary because of the amount of people who currently own a smartphone. CashDesk therefore offers these QR codes as a cheap alternative.

Payments via MultiSafepay

In addition to the standard payment methods, MultiSafepay enables payment via Apple Pay, PayPal and many other methods. That way, we ensure a safe, user-friendly process that runs smoothly.

Installation and support from CashDesk

If you wish to utilise the QR code system, CashDesk can design the signs for you in accordance with your wishes. In addition, we coach you through installation and go-live. If you have any other queries, our support team is always available.

We also offer QR codes for delivery-service restaurants and takeaway restaurants. 

The benefits of CashDesk at a glance: 

  • You need fewer employees 
  • Elimination of human error 
  • Expensive pin devices or tablets not required 
  • Link to table numbers 
  • Installation and support from CashDesk
  • Small investment, immediate result