More positivity and convenience for food delivery companies by linking POS system CashDesk and

HOOFDDORP – ‘Enormous convenience. It saves manual work and a negative story now automatically turns into a positive one’. Those are the conclusions of restaurant owner Stephan van Veen of Meatz restaurant about the live link between the CashDesk POS system and the Mobile Marketing Cloud of As the first in the food delivery sector, he has customer data working for him automatically in this way, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a higher number of orders.

‘Sorry you didn’t get the service you were entitled to expect from us. We therefore have a goodie for your patience.’ Customers who get their food delivered late to their homes have an apology email or text from Meatz the same evening.

‘That speed gets a lot of positive feedback. Before, I checked manually every Monday which orders were delivered late. By then it had already been a few days and the first frustrations had been expressed by customers. Often via social media,” says Stephan van Veen of Meatz restaurant in Voorschoten.

Now the POS system registers the times of ordering and delivery. If it is outside the delivery framework, then thanks to the link with, an apology email or text message is immediately sent. Completely automatically. This live link prevents the negative word from getting out, because we are on top of things this way. We take away anger the same evening by responding with a gesture. That produces a lot of positive reactions.’

Food delivery companies work very process-oriented. Every second counts from the moment the order comes in,’ says Rolf van Alten, ceo of CashDesk. Our POS system is designed to make those processes as efficient and effective as possible. The customer data is already well registered in the POS system, but not enough was done with it because it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. We are therefore also pleased that we can now maximize and optimize the part of the after-care for consumers, should things go differently with the delivery than was intended.


According to Jerfi Lobato, manager of, the link with CashDesk’s POS system offers opportunities to hospitality entrepreneurs. From customer data you can get much more than who’s food is delivered late. Who hasn’t ordered in a long time? Who orders what food? And more. You can filter these groups in order to perform targeted actions on them. Almost everything can be set up easily from within the CashDesk POS system. The link with enables business owners to make customer data work for them and exploit this potential.’

Van Alten: ‘The POS system can even be configured to perform a different action if there is a 20-minute delay than if there is a 10-minute delay. The possibilities have increased enormously now that we are working with It was a logical choice, given their experience with a national pizza chain. They know the issues in the food delivery industry and they know what it takes to keep consumers happy. Moreover, they operate like a well-oiled marketing machine. We are sure that this will be an effective and efficient partnership with the CashDesk POS system, which will save more than just time for food delivery entrepreneurs.

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CashDesk is an international provider of software and POS systems for takeout and delivery restaurants, and traditional restaurants. CashDesk’s POS system has various links with ordering websites and practical functionalities, allowing hospitality entrepreneurs to organize everything in one system in a clear and effective way. In the Netherlands, CashDesk is the specialist in the delivery market. CashDesk’s POS software provides better process insights, shortens preparation and delivery times, while increasing convenience for consumers and hospitality entrepreneurs.

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