Live order checker makes the ordering process transparent for your customers

Live order tracking system

For consumers, it is always nice to know where they stand. With the Live order tracking system from Cashdesk, consumers can follow an order placed live. The Live order checker system is available for all websites made by Cashdesk. By using this option you will prevent many phone calls from customers asking about the status of their order.

Cashdesk’s Live order tracking checking system is divided into seven steps:


  1. Sent to the restaurant
  2. Received by the restaurant
  3. Ready for preparation
  4. Being prepared
  5. Ready for delivery
  6. On the way
  7. Delivered


As soon as the next step has been reached, an update will automatically take place and the next box will turn green.


The advantage for the consumer: a direct view of the steps taken with his order: he can follow the order

The advantage for the restaurant: is it busy? Then the customer can see which process step the order is in. This prevents phone calls and bad reviews.


How does it work

After placing an order, the consumer immediately sees the steps in the picture. In addition, a link to the order checker is included in the confirmation email. This way, consumers always know where exactly their pizza, sushi, or other delivery meal is!

Cashdesk solutions

We do not have to explain to you how important the internet has become for the hotel and catering industry. A website has, therefore, become the calling card of your restaurant. When customers search for you, you naturally want to look good with a nice, professional website. CashDesk can help you with this. We ensure that you have a representative and easily findable website. Contact Cashdesk if you want to know more about the Cashdesk Live order tracking system. In addition, you can make the delivery process even more efficient by connecting your couriers to our delivery app, with which you and your delivery staff always know where they stand.

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