The case

“Collaboration Delivery software from CashDesk with healthy fast food concept Eazie”

CashDesk, the specialist in the field of catering POS systems and delivery software, has partnered with Eazie. Within one day, all 27 Eazie branches went live and switched to CashDesk software. This went smoothly and without interruptions. With Eazie, CashDesk gains a client who values healthy food.

About Eazie

Eazie is a healthy fast food formula. Eazie serves the most delicious wok meals (cooked to order), fresh salads, wraps, fruity smoothies and much more. The meals are nutritious, low in calories and can be prepared entirely by yourself. Moreover, the meals are offered at the same speed and price as traditional fast food chains. Eazie works according to a franchise formula. You can physically eat at a restaurant, pick up your order or have your favourite dish delivered to your home. The CashDesk software helps the franchisees with this.

Intensive preparation process

Eazie wanted to grow and the current POS supplier did not fit in well (anymore). Therefore, they started looking for a new supplier. CashDesk came out on top. CashDesk provides tailored websites, order apps and delivery software with cash register functions for professional delivery restaurants. In addition, CashDesk caters to the needs of franchise organisations with options such as central menu management, franchise portal and data warehouse. The preparation process was very intensive. CashDesk has discussed Eazie’s wishes extensively. Early December 2021, CashDesk and Eazie sat down together to think out and work out the plan. A weekly meeting was scheduled to discuss the progress. Eazie wanted to switch all systems at once to the software of CashDesk. This meant that 27 branches, +/- 54 systems and 75+ printers had to be migrated. And all that without having to close any branches. A tough job, but with good communication and the cooperation of all parties it went smoothly. In four weeks time, the employees were trained, the new systems went live and Eazie used the CashDesk software for the first time.

Reliable software for franchisees

As a franchisor, you want to keep an overview of your franchisees. The franchise delivery system of CashDesk gives you all the insights and tools needed, for both the franchiser and the franchise restaurants. The restaurants will be provided with a user-friendly and professional POS system. You can find all data easily and quickly in the franchise portal (cloud based portal). This way, you will always be up to date on the status and performance of your franchisees. Do you want to know what CashDesk can do for you? Please contact CashDesk to discuss the possibilities.

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