Just Eat TakeAway alternative

Just Eat TakeAway alternative

Competition from platforms

Home delivery is the biggest player in the world of meal delivery. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to the commissions you pay for an order. As a business owner, it’s up to you to motivate as many of your customers as possible to order through your own channels.

The easiest way to persuade customers to order through your own channels is to provide a website that works just as well as the Just Eat TakeAway platform itself. So the solution is in your own hands! When the right marketing tools are used, it’s possible to receive 30-70% of your orders through your own website. An average delivery restaurant can easily save 10.000 pounds a year with this!


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Alternatives to Just Eat TakeAway

Another option is to sign up for one of the ordering platforms that charge relatively low commissions. We have compared the nine most noteworthy ordering platforms and presented them clearly on our blog. In addition to differences in costs and commissions, we have also mapped out the differences in reach, delivery options and delivery area for you. You can find the blog post here.

Make your customer really your customer again

As a business owner, you strive for independence. Run your orders through the channels you control and as much as possible through your own website. Every order through your own website means no commission lost to one of the platforms. Make your customer really your customer again! Platforms like Just Eat or competitors like Deliveroo and UberEats bring in customers, but at the same time snatch away parts of the revenue. Take matters into your own hands and create a platform that works for you instead of with you. This is where we can help you! CashDesk delivers websites that can do a lot for you. Appearance, findability, and support are all elements that CashDesk takes excellent care of.

Register a restaurant

Registering your restaurant is easy with us, because we are always available by phone or mail. Take the first step and enter the world of meal delivery with confidence and courage, knowing you have a strong platform to build on (your own website created by CashDesk). No percentages disappearing, a direct line with your customers and filling in savings promotions as you wish. It is all possible and necessary to successfully set up your own delivery site. Are you a business owner ready to take matters into your own hands?

Your CashDesk website as the best alternative to Just Eat TakeAway

We create your website, fully in the corporate style of your restaurant, complete with your own logo. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to personalizing your website by using fonts, photos, colors and extra functionalities. This ensures a professional look that suits your restaurant 100%. A good website is worth nothing if your customers cannot find it. That is why CashDesk spends a lot of time on the findability of your site. This way, you will get the most benefit from your new, professional website. An order website made by CashDesk is as it should be: clear and easy for the customer to use. No unnecessary information, but a pleasant website where the customer can order easily. Read all about the benefits of a CashDesk website here. While the customer easily orders his food, you save money, that is why we are your Partner in Delivery!

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