Franchise delivery system

Franchise restaurant delivery software

As a franchisor, you require a good overview of all your franchisees. CashDesk’s franchise delivery system gives you all the infromation you need to keep track of your business. Your (delivery) restaurants will be equipped with a user-friendly and professional POS system, and the data is housed in the franchise portal (cloud-based portal). In this way you are always up to speed with the status and performance of your franchisees.

Performance Dashboard (real time KPI’s)

The franchise delivery system keeps track of all the KPIs you need. From the average pickup time and average delivery time, to the average time spent in the kitchen. This allows you to immediately see opportunities for increased efficiency.

GPS order and delivery tracking

Through our integration with Google Maps, you can accurately track all orders and delivery personnel, providing a complete overview of the status of all deliveries.

Order Prioritization

The software gives priority to orders based on an automated calculation aimed at optimizing the overall quality of the order

Order processing

We have integrated a specific message into the dispatcher to ensure that each order is delivered in full. This helps prevent customers from becoming dissatisfied as much as possible.

Customised reports

The franchise delivery system continuously collects data from all your (delivery) restaurants. As a result, the system provides customised reports. You can choose to print these out yourself, or have CashDesk do it for you.

Order kiosk coupling

Does your franchise use order kiosks? These can also be linked to your franchise delivery system.

Data driven remote organisational control

The system keeps track of KPI’s in real time so you are always up to date with the latest data. This allows you to oversee all your franchisees and gradually refine your strategy.

Linking with Take Away, Deliveroo and UberEats

CashDesk has formed links with the most widely used sites for food ordering, including Take Away, Deliveroo and UberEats. These extra orders are easily passed on to all franchise restaurants via our software.

API connections

The franchise delivery system can also be equipped with variouss API’s, such as interfaces for personnel scheduling, bookkeeping packages, and inventory systems.


The CashDesk franchise portal has been made transparent by means of a heatmap showing the home locations of the majority of the customers who have placed an order. This data helps you determine your delivery and distribution areas for your marketing communication.

Support 7 days a week

CashDesk’s support is available seven days a week; weekdays and weekends.

Purchase franchise delivery system for franchised restaurants

The POS delivery system for franchise restaurants is specially equipped with many smooth-running functions to ensure that you can remotely monitor the most important KPIs and metrics.

If you would like to capitalise on the many benefits of a franchise delivery system for your franchise, please contact us and request a demo.