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Follow deliveries with our Delivery app

When you deliver meals at home, it’s important that you know where your deliverers are at all times. By keeping a good eye on this you can make the delivery process and your planning more efficient. That’s why we’ve developed an application which helps you to have an overview of your delivery team.


With our Delivery app, you will always be informed of the location of your deliverers and the status of the orders. Moreover, you can expand the Delivery app with the additional SMS-service. This means customers also receive a text message link with which they can track their own delivery. Customers will know exactly what the status is so they won’t have to call your restaurant to ask where their food is. With the CashDesk Delivery app, you’re not only helping yourself and your delivery team, but you’re also improving your customer happiness.


Call the customer

Your deliverers can call the customers directly from the app. With the useful ‘call-customer’ feature, memorizing numbers and typing them in by hand becomes unnecessary. This can be particularly useful when a deliverer is standing in front of a closed door and no one is opening up, or if the delivery is delayed. This way, you don’t just make life easier for your deliverers, but you also help the customer.


With just one push of the button, your deliverers navigate from their current position to the delivery address using GPS. No more hassle looking up addresses via Google Maps or other apps. From now on, your deliverers get to the customer even more efficiently.

Overview of orders

In the app, deliverers find a clear overview of all open orders. Once a new order comes in on your POS-system, the deliverers who are working automatically receive a notification on their phone. This way, they know what the status is and you keep the overview.

Suitable for Android and iOS

The Delivery app is suitable for all Android and iOS smartphones. You can find the app in the Google Play store or in the Apple App Store. This way, all your deliverers can use the app and you can improve the entire delivery process.

Delivery app features

What is the Delivery app?

When an order is linked to a deliverer, he automatically receives this in his app. Next, the deliverer navigates to the delivery address from the app, and can call the customer directly. Meanwhile, you see exactly where a deliverer is and what the order status is via the CashDesk delivery software. Has an order been delivered? Then it is immediately completed in the CashDesk delivery software. With the Delivery app, you always have control over the delivery process, as well as a clear overview, even in the busiest periods.

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Bezorger App


Advantages of the Delivery app

The Delivery app makes the delivery process more pleasant for everyone. You will be happy that you can keep the overview over all the orders, and your deliverers will be happy with the simple navigation from the app. Moreover, you will increase customer happiness by delivering more quickly and efficiently. Below are all the Delivery app advantages lined up once more:

  • Navigation from the app
  • Call a customer directly with one push of the button
  • Complete orders simply
  • Stay up-to-date with the location of your deliverers via the overview map
  • A seamless link to the CashDesk delivery software

You will find the Delivery app in the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

Would you also like to make use of the Delivery app? In order to do this, you will need an extension of your CashDesk license. Contact us for more information.