Delivery app

Delivery app

With our delivery app, you can follow the delivery

An important factor is the delivery process and delivery time. Where does the deliverer stay? We have developed an (Android) Delivery App.

This app can help you process the process more efficiently and respond to your customers.


Delivery app features

Call the customer

Call the customer directly from the app. Manually entering customer numbers is unnecessary

Navigate to the customer

Navigate with one push of the button directly from the current GPS position to the delivery address.

List of orders to be delivered

Shows an overview in the app of orders that have yet to be delivered


Suitable for all Android smartphones

What is the delivery app?

In CashDesk you can see exactly where the deliverer is and whether he is ready to deliver. In the app itself you will find all relevant order information, you can navigate from the app and call the customer directly. Has the order been delivered? This will be completed immediately in CashDesk.

For the use of this app, you need an extension of your licenseBezorger App
Contact us for more information.

Functions of the Deliverer App

  • Navigate from the App
  • Button to call the customer immediately
  • Finishing of outstanding orders
  • GPS Tracking from the providers on the overview map

The delivery app can be found in Google Playstore or via this link