The new CashDesk logo! ?

Behold: the brand new CashDesk logo! ???


Based on our mission to continuously innovate and share our knowledge with our client base, we at CashDesk have been innovating recently. The purpose of these innovations is to present ourselves even more firmly in the market as a specialist in the field of websites, cash registers and food delivery. The new logo is the first visible result that we are sharing with you.


In the near future, you will see the new logo appear in more and more places. Think of pens, business cards, on our folder etc. Our website will also undergo a major transformation, and even in the office we have to do some work.

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming period in which we will slowly but surely reveal more and more. Doing so, we can take you with us on this journey. Stay tuned!


Kind regards,

The CashDesk Team

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