10 Tips for finding delivery drivers for your restaurant

There has been a shortage of staff in the restaurant industry since the Corona crisis. Delivery drivers are also becoming harder to find. You too may be struggling to find drivers for your restaurant. Fortunately, there are several ways to find and keep delivery drivers. We put together some tips for you.


advertise on your website

Your website is the ideal place to advertise a delivery driver position. Make sure you have an impressive job description where you also include salary information. Did you know that almost 50% of visitors click away if there is no salary information in a job description? Also, use photos and videos to show the atmosphere of your company. A funny quote from an employee makes the job description even more attractive. It is also very important that the job advertisement is easy to find. SEO is a very important part of making the ad visible online. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. For example, change “delivery driver job” to “delivery driver job Amsterdam”. This way you will be found better and faster locally.


use social media

Most young people are on social media. Therefore, social media is exactly the right place to find new staff. It is advisable to definitely place the ad on your Facebook and/or Instagram page. Use photos and videos to show how fun it is to work as a delivery person for your restaurant! You can use Instagram Reels, for example. TikTok is also a great way to attract delivery drivers. The content is visible to a large audience. This way you also reach people who might not be looking for a job, but find your content or ad interesting enough to apply. For example, Albert Heijn and the US military make use of TikTok to find new staff.


about the restaurant itself

Your restaurant is the perfect place to advertise. Every day dozens, if not hundreds, of people walk past your building. There are also enthusiastic visitors to be found in the building. For example, hang an advertisement in the restroom. Put flyers at the bar and at the cash desk. Try to get the attention of your future employees in a creative way. What do you think of a job offer on a beer mat? Stickers can also help you find staff. For example, by using a window sticker that says: Delivery driver wanted or a sticker with this text and QR code on a van or scooter.


via your own employees

You can also get new staff through your staff network. About 30% of jobs are filled by people coming through current staff (MF Select, 2022). However, it is important that staff think positively about you as an employer. Referral recruitment is a proven method to effectively attract staff. What’s more, it is also cheap. To motivate your staff, you can give a reward in the form of a one-off payment. Make clear arrangements about this in a referral programme. You can also pay the reward in the form of a gift voucher or extra time off. Always make sure you pay this bonus on time!


Company clothing

The increasing shortage of staff in the hospitality industry requires a creative approach. Providing company clothing, not only creates recognition but also ensures a good team spirit. Ask your team what they find important in work clothes, as certain fabrics are often important. Also, think about personalisation, have names printed on shirts or socks, for example. Of course, it is great fun to wear clothes that are made especially for you.


use places where the target group is located.

Young people in particular like to go to work as scooter delivery drivers. It, therefore, makes sense to hang or place the job advertisement where this target group is located. This could be an attractive poster in a supermarket or a gym. Or hang a nice flyer by the entrance of a middle school. Use QR codes to point prospective employees directly to more information or the application form. Also, don’t forget to think about the parents of young people. Household newspapers, for example, are still incredibly popular (Adverteerweb, 2011). You can therefore also place the job advertisement (with a QR code) in the newspaper.


use your own networks

Working as a delivery driver is a great way to gain work experience and earn some extra money at the same time. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you. Because who knows, you might already know your future employee! Tell all your friends, family members, suppliers and regular customers that you are looking for delivery drivers. Maybe they have a son, daughter, niece or nephew who is looking for a good job.


post the job ad on online job boards

Young people who would like to work as delivery drivers will usually look for jobs online. In 2022, about 50% of all job applications still come directly from an online job board (Werf&, 2021). Therefore, it is important that the job advertisement is also on a job board. Examples of well-known job boards are: Indeed, Monsterboard, Yobbers, Jobbird and Google for Jobs. Indeed receives about 250 million visitors per month. You can imagine that the reach is very large!


be a good employer

It is also very important that you retain good staff. Don’t take your staff for granted. Make sure people enjoy their work and follow the rules for employment contracts and the minimum wage for delivery drivers. An attractive employer also offers development opportunities. For example, JustEat drivers have the opportunity to advance to Hub Coordinator or Driver Captain. To ensure that young people do not work for JustEat but for your restaurant, it is advisable to offer the same or better working conditions. A healthy and nutritious staff meal is another example of good employerism.


use the services of CashDesk.

Lastly, we recommend investing in good delivery software and a good website. CashDesk’s delivery software makes the driver’s work easier and also makes you more attractive as an employer. As soon as an order is received, CashDesk immediately shows the correct route. The delivery drivers automatically receive a route plan. In addition, the software is able to cleverly combine orders to save time and money. This is not only convenient for the drivers, but also for yourself. The delivery software also takes care of automatically recording start and end times, so you can easily link this to your employees’ payroll package. CashDesk also spends a lot of time improving the visibility (SEO) of your restaurant delivery website. This means your vacancies will be found even faster and you won’t miss out on any applications! Would you like to use CashDesk’s services? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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