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CashDesk B.V. with Chamber of Commerce number 69913439 (CashDesk), would like to welcome you at www.cashdesk.nl (Website). By using our Website you agree to this disclaimer. CashDesk can always adjust the content of the Website and this disclaimer without you receiving any notification. The content of our Website is carefully composed by us, but you …


Vapiano: a client on a global scale! For this business case, we interviewed Mr. Claudius zur Linden and Mr. Eduard Kopilevich. Claudius is Business Development Director and Eduard, under his leadership and in the capacity of Business Developer, is responsible globally for the takeaway and delivery business of Vapiano.   The restaurant chain has over …

Fast food POS checkout

Fast food POS checkout Our fast-food checkout software ensures efficiency and cost reduction in your restaurant! Read all about our software here!

Sushi software

CashDesk sushi software is the ideal partner for your sushi takeout and delivery restaurant. All of your internet orders are imported directly into your CashDesk system. It is easy to operate, offers control and efficiency because of clear KPIs and labor calculation, enables cash checks for couriers and much more! Read all about our software here!

Pizza software

Pizza software for your pizzeria CashDesk supplies professional pizza checkout software for pizza takeout and delivery restaurants. Complete with direct links with Thuisbezorgd, Just Eat, Ifoods and possibly your own website. Do you want: Control over your pizza orders? Control over the cash with your couriers? Automatic time registration of your complete staff? Caller ID? …

Streamlined delivery process with our delivery app

Follow deliveries with our Delivery app When you deliver meals at home, it’s important that you know where your deliverers are at all times. By keeping a good eye on this you can make the delivery process and your planning more efficient. That’s why we’ve developed an application which helps you to have an overview …

Partner connections

CashDesk automatically imports your orders! CashDesk works most efficiently and imports orders from external systems. This link makes sure that these orders come into your CashDesk POS system automatically and that every order looks the same. Therefore, manual input is no longer necessary and prevents many manual (and therefore error-prone) actions. Read all about our …

VOIP telephony

Saving on costs is a good intention for many entrepreneurs. Get acquainted now with the best way of saving: VOIP Telephony – an interesting alternative for your current telephone service. High call quality, reliability and versatility are a priority, and of course you can save significantly on your telephone costs. VOIP Telephony offers you a …

Food ordering website

A website for your take away and food delivery restaurant We don’t need to explain to you how important the internet has become for the food delivery. Today, a website is like your restaurant’s business card. When customers look you up, it goes without saying that you would like to present yourself in the best …

Food ordering website

Your own food ordering website for your delivery-service or takeaway restaurant

We can build an food ordering website in your own house style so you are not dependent on platforms like Just Eat TakeAway and Deliveroo.

You therefore save on 14% commission per order. The average delivery-service restaurant easily saves €10,000.- per year.

Curious to know how much you could save? Calculate the profit for your own delivery-service restaurant here.

In your house style

Your own food ordering website is an absolute must-have nowadays. We ensure you have a website that is easily found, in your own house style, and which meets all current needs.

The lowest iDEAL costs

We are the only party that applies no hidden costs and we only charge your delivery-service restaurant €0.10 iDEAL transaction costs per order. That makes us the cheapest provider. You are generally charged between €0.25 and €0.75 per order.


Over 2% of orders are pre-ordered. With a CashDesk website, customers can easily order 10 days in advance and that generates extra orders for you.

Live order checker

Your customers can monitor their orders in realtime with Cashdesk’s live order checker. You avoid unnecessary phone calls from customers about the status of their orders by using this option. 

Fully responsive

At least 70% percent of your customers order via a mobile device. That is why we provide responsive websites that adapt to the device being used. Your new website is therefore also suitable for smartphones and tablets.

Quick and clear

A good website is pointless if your customers cannot find it online. CashDesk therefore invests a great deal of effort in the findability (SEO) of your website. Because you are easier to find online, you increase the likelihood of more visitors and thus more orders.

Payment options

CashDesk websites support all the standard methods of payment including iDEAL, PayPal and credit cards.

Loyality programmes

An effective way of connecting with your clients: loyalty programmes. Make smart use of customer accounts, saving schemes, discounts and/or voucher codes to ensure customers return time and again. That way, you turn customers into fans.


Options for upselling are available on the payment page. Offer the customer another drink and/or dessert and increase your order value.

Want to know more about your own food ordering website?

The benefits of a CashDesk food ordering website at a glance:

  • A professional food ordering website
  • Ordering module with various payment options such as iDeal
  • Low iDeal costs
  • No commission to third parties
  • Give customers a choice between delivery or takeaway
  • Good findability on Google
  • Adapt the menu yourself
  • Adapt the text on the website yourself
  • Display product photos with the menu
  • Also suitable for smartphones and tablets
  • Own iDeal account
  • Fixed monthly sum (no hidden costs)
  • Customers get their own account
  • Give customers the option of saving for a discount
  • Live order tracking
  • Ordering on account for companies
  • Food ordering website for delivery-service restaurants


Earn back your investment

By circumventing the commission of third parties such as Thuisbezorgd, you get to keep all your turnover. That is why a good ordering website is important. It always generates extra income, so you certainly earn back your investment.

Want to make a bigger profit with your delivery-service restaurant?