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Takeaway In cooperation with the order supplier for delivery and collection restaurants Takeaway, we have developed a link with our software. The link ensures that your orders are processed automatically. On Takeaway consumers can quickly and easily order online food at ± 7500 delivery restaurants. The core business of the Thuisbezorgd company consists of supplying …


Deliveroo Through the Deliveroo website, meals can be ordered at restaurants that do not have a delivery service themselves. Deliveroo does not only provide the orders for restaurants, but also the drivers. Would you like to know more about the link with Deliveroo? Please contact us or look at our website what Cashdesk can do …

Work with UberEats, Deliveroo and Take Away without a tablet

Your food delivery service sees orders coming in from all directions. Online orders from your own website, TakeAway, Deliveroo and UberEats. Offline orders are placed by phone. It is possible some of your income comes from takeaway or restaurant visitors. Wouldn’t it be great if you could process all these orders using a single system? …

Opening a restaurant: franchise vs your own

Would you like to open your own restaurant? This is an ambitious plan that involves many risks. By joining a franchise company, you eliminate a lot of risks, but also lose some individual freedoms. Not surprisingly, many new entrepreneurs struggle with the choice between franchising or starting on their own. In this blog post, we …

Where is my order? Let customers track their order.

Where is my order? Customers can now also track their order! Want to keep your customers better informed about the status of their order and at the same time know the location of your deliverers? Nowadays it’s all possible. CashDesk has developed an app especially for your deliverers and customers! The process works as follows: …

Franchise system

Franchise restaurant delivery software As a franchisor, you require a good overview of all your franchisees. CashDesk’s franchise delivery system gives you all the infromation you need to keep track of your business. Your (delivery) restaurants will be equipped with a user-friendly and professional POS system, and the data is housed in the franchise portal …

Franchise system

You always retain oversight with this franchise system 

As a franchisor, you want to retain oversight of your franchisees. CashDesk’s franchise delivery system gives you all the insight you require. Your restaurants are provided with a user-friendly and professional POS system and you can find all the data in the (cloud-based) franchise portal.  That way, you are always informed of the status and performance of your franchisees.

Performance Dashboard (realtime KPIs)

The franchise delivery system monitors all the KPIs you require. From the average collection time to the average preparation time. That way, you can immediately see where you can optimise your processes and increase your profits.

GPS tracking of orders and delivery drivers

You can track all orders and delivery drivers precisely via our integration with Google Maps. This gives you full oversight of the status of all orders.

Order Prioritisation

The software prioritises orders based on an automated calculation that is geared towards optimising the overall quality of the order.

Order processing

We have integrated a specific notification in the dispatcher that ensures every order is delivered in full. This avoids having dissatisfied customers as much as possible.

Customised reports

The franchise delivery system continually collects data from all your restaurants. The system generates customised reports. You can print these out yourself or we can do it for you.

Link to ordering kiosks

Does your franchise use ordering kiosks? Then these can be linked to your franchise delivery system. This also gives you an insight into all orders placed via the ordering kiosks. You can also use QR codes as an alternative to kiosks.

Central menu

Do you want to keep control of the prices and products at your branches?  With our central menu you ensure that all branches are provided with the correct menu from one central location.

Link to Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo, UberEats and many other platforms

CashDesk has established links to the most widely used food ordering sites: Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and UberEats. There is also a link to smaller platforms. For example, ones that only do corporate, vegan, halal orders, etc. These extra orders are also simply passed on to all franchise restaurants via our software.

API links

The franchise delivery system can also be equipped with different API links. For example, links for resource planning, bookkeeping packages and stock systems.

Marketing automation

With CashDesk, you can also create a link to automate your marketing. We send you data, also called the new gold, with which you can coordinate and automate your marketing campaigns. Who has not ordered for a long time? Who orders what meal and when? You can filter these groups and then carry out targeted promotions.

Delivery area

CashDesk’s franchise portal provides an insight into where most clients who placed an order live. This data is displayed visually in a heatmap and helps you identify your delivery area and the distribution area for your marketing communications.

Support 7 days a week

CashDesk’s support team is available seven days a week.

The benefits of CashDesk at a glance: 

  • 24/7 insight into your franchisees 
  • User-friendly and professional POS system
  • Realtime KPIs to optimise your processes 
  • GPS tracking of your delivery drivers 
  • Dispatcher for complete delivery  
  • Customised reports 
  • Link to ordering kiosks
  • Remote organisational management – data-driven
  • Direct link to a large number of ordering platforms 
  • API links for resource planning, bookkeeping packages and stock systems
  • Smart and efficient marketing automation 
  • Insight into delivery area for your marketing communications 
  • Support 7 days a week

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