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Your website is your calling card! CashDesk makes websites with your branding that can be used on any device.

Register system

Professional register and order processing system. Save time by automatically importing from Take Away, Foodora, Hungry and other internet orders.


CashDesk handles everything in the area of deliveries. Automatic trip planning and tracking funds carried by drivers.


Want to enter orders quickly and easily in your restaurant? A clear map with the table set-up helps you to keep track of things in your restaurant.

What can CashDesk do for you?

CashDesk provides you with a professional system. You can focus on your restaurant while you leave the automation to us!

Ordering websites

A professional ordering website is a 'must-have'. It saves you a great deal of money, and your customers come back to you. CashDesk delivers fully responsive (usable on any device) websites including iDeal capability for a reasonable rate!

Mobile apps

Increase your customer base with the help of mobile apps. With push messages, you always keep your customers up to date about promotions.

Register software

Our professional register software saves you time and money and is very efficient to use. Automatically import from all online order sites!

VOIP telephony

Setting up queues, on-hold music or advertising messages? It is all possible with VOIP telephony, and it is less expensive as well!

ICT systems

Whether you need mobile pin code devices, VOIP telephony or receipt printers, we can make a recommendation and offer tailored solutions for your restaurant.